Von Sports X Darwin Project Tournament

Von Sports X Darwin Project Tournament

We’re happy to announce the long awaited details of our upcoming Von Sports Tournament are finally here!


The chosen game is The Darwin Project, a battle royale set in the Canadian Rockies. It is free to play and pretty fun as well so get practising now to be ready. You can buy golden tickets via the Von Coin app for just 10 coins a pop from today. If you play your cards right – you could walk away with nearly 1,000 von coins!


•There will be a maximum of 40 Players

• 3 knockout rounds

• 10 players in each match with 5 progressing each time

• 10VC to play with escalating VC prizes in each round


Round 1 played on Saturday 1st June – starting at 5.30pm EST

Round 2 & 3 played on Sunday the 2nd June – starting at 3pm EST

FreakyRO is our show director for rounds 1 & 2 and the show director for the final will be Stallion83

Participants will be emailed instructions on the tournament beforehand and details will also be available via our Discord so please join for immediate updates such as the Darwin Project game password.


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