Von Coin Release update

Von Coin Release update

Admin Edit : We are live! So we got word that we have passed certification and we are now in the store. If you search Von Coin you will find us. You should also see us in the new releases section of the Xbox One (only US for now) app store in the coming hours.

This makes the Von Coin team very happy. Thank you for your patience and see you in the Von Coin Vault!



I wanted to post an update on our battle to get the app released so we could keep you all in the loop. We had hoped to release on the 7th of December but pushed the date out to the 11th to give ourselves a few more days to ensure a smooth launch. Our app has been up and running since around the 6th but obviously there is a process that we have to go through with Microsoft to get it certified for Xbox One release. We’ve released a number of apps on Xbox One in the past and over the years the certification and release of apps has drastically improved in terms of the time it takes to process. Normally you can get your app certified and released within a few hours, but more complicated apps take up to three days.


So we submitted our app on the week of the 7th with the expectation that the 11th would be a fairly comfortable goal for release. Our initial build for certification had a small snafu in it. The dummy account we had set up got purged when transferring some code from staging to production over the weekend of the 9th + 10th, so when the people in cert went to test the app their dummy account wouldn’t work and they couldn’t log in.


This screw up on our side has led to a bit of a cascade of delays. Unfortunately there was no mechanism to just supply new log in details to the testers and we had to start the whole process again and resubmit for certification at the back of the queue, despite everything being the same.


Since then the cert team has asked us to reclassify the service from a game to an app. Without going into technical details we had submitted as a game as it allows us access to a number of Xbox Live API’s which we wanted to use. We were asked to reclassify as an app despite needing these, which we have done, which is the changing of a category on a dropdown menu. The hope is we can still access these API’s while categorised as an app but that is unclear at the moment as we have been told different things by different people in their support.


Unfortunately recategorizing starts the whole certification process…again. So that is where we are at now – on top of this our timing sucks. We are in the cycle at Microsoft’s busiest time of year, with all other games and apps putting out updates for Christmas. So we are sitting in the office waiting for a ping that could come at any time of  the night or day – that hopefully tells us the app has passed cert and will be released immediately.


I appreciate your patience on this. We should have been more prepared and given ourselves a longer lead in time to release. Unfortunately we just didn’t have the time to do that. Software development can sometimes throw up problems and we needed to work right up to the start of December to get the app 100% before we could submit it for cert.


I’m hopeful we can get this out ASAP this week. But after making the mistake of sticking a countdown timer on our site I am not going to make the same mistake of guaranteeing anything until I know I can!


All I can say is ‘mea culpa’ and that once we get released, hopefully before the holidays, then we will make it up to you.


Eoghan and the Von Coin Team

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