Metropolis Lux Obscura Review

Metropolis Lux Obscura Review

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Metropolis Lux Obscura starts as it means to go on. The first line of dialogue is ‘Heavens angels piss wet on my face’ and it sets the tone of the game perfectly.



Nothing goes right in Metropolis Lux Obscura, a Gotham inspired heap of corruption passing for a city. In this distorted reality every man is a criminal and every woman a sex worker. It’s like The Wolf Among Us and Sin City had a baby and that baby watched nothing but James Cagney gangster films on repeat. If this sounds appealing to you then stop reading and go play it immediately.



You play as ex-con John Lockhart and are plopped into the story just after his release from jail, for a crime he apparently didn’t commit but the details are fuzzy. As you navigate the story you can uncover details about your past and track down Goldie, the treacherous ex, who sold you out to the cops. Regards gameplay for the most part it’s a motion comic and the fights are a simple match 3 mechanic that slowly gets harder as you progress. Sometimes my screen was so full of police blocks I had no choice but to take damage (police are bad for you but pretty much every other block is an attack on your opponent).



As the title suggests this is a city (and a game) where any light, both metaphorical and physical, is obscured by the darkness of its inhabitants. Day and night are as one. The art style is heavily influenced by Noir with barely clothed dames and blood for days. It’s definitely NSFW but still a quick play with 4 different endings depending how you go. This game is exactly as it appears, what you see is what you get.


Rated 4/5 stars by Xbox Users


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