Halloween Bonus Games

Halloween Bonus Games

It’s October 1st and we’re feeling the Halloween spirit (and the chill) already. Let’s kick this month off right with a bonus coin promo for not just one but two underrated horrors – The Evil Within and The Evil Within 2. Play them until October 31st and earn bonus coins for every achievement, all the more to spend on our upcoming Halloween auctions.

The Evil Within is heavily inspired by Silent Hill and Resident Evil so fans of either series will delight in the strangeness of Shinji Mikami’s creation. You play as Sebastian Castellanos a gruff Noir style detective (though he softens a bit in the sequel) as he deals with a case unlike any other, the Beacon Mental Hospital Incident. Along for the ride is his partner, my personal preferred character, the meticulous Joseph Oda. The Evil Within is deliberately designed in ways to make the player feel powerless. It features confined settings, limited ammunition, presents near-invincible opponents and death is always close at hand. The oppressive atmosphere ensures you will struggle to survive. An unprepared player might get frustrated with this style of gameplay but it’s all worth it for the payoff and the DLC with fan favourite Juli Kidman.

The Evil Within 2 improves on its predecessor in almost every way, though due to the toughness of the first game it’s often overlooked but well worth a go. We play as Sebastian again but this time we get to see more of his personality and his history. Players also get to learn more about Juli Kidman and find out what makes her tick. You can absolutely play this one without playing the first but I recommend giving them both a whirl. The Evil Within 2 is set inside the ‘town’ of Union and features as many horrific sights as the original. One side quest in particular, the Ghost Lady, is too good to miss. When you hear a haunting humming coming your way you’ll know you’ve found it. This game deserves a lot more love than it received upon release and what better month to give it than October!


Plus for Von Magnates: play Myst till October 31st and earn even more bonus coins!

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