Earn Instant Bonus Coins With Humans Fall Flat

Earn Instant Bonus Coins With Humans Fall Flat

Curve Digital, our newest sponsor, has decided to ensure all Von Citizens have a very Merry Christmas! Not only are we offering instant bonus coins on their game Narcos: Rise of the Cartels but also on the hugely popular Human Fall Flat!

This promo is live from 9am GMT on the 19th of December to 9 am GMT on the 2nd of January. Plus it differs to our other promos in that your coins are awarded automatically each day – so for every 2 Gamerscore you earn 1 coin. So if you’ve got your eye on any of our 12 Days of Christmas auctions now’s the time to earn that extra coin.

Not only is this game 50% off starting from the 19th, it’s also on GamePass. Don’t worry if you’ve finished it already, they’ve recently released new Ice World DLC that’s free to all so you can pick up a few coins that way too!

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