E3 2019: 5 Rumoured Games

E3 2019: 5 Rumoured Games

E3 2019 is fast approaching, Sony is absent for the first time since in 24 years, but that doesn’t mean this won’t be one to watch. What follows is a rundown of five games that have been rumoured to appear at this E3, or in the case of some – even exist at all.


BioShock Parkside


Anyone who follows the Von Coin Twitter will know my love for the BioShock franchise is undying. While live tweeting E3 last year there was a great deal of disappointment when BioShock 4 was not announced as rumoured. That fake list that was circulating before the event (you know the one) promised BioShock 4 and I wanted to believe so bad. The publishers have said many times that the franchise is important to them, but then done nothing about it. Frankly they’ve been stringing us along for years. 2K even stated that BioShock would be a mainstay franchise with them when Irrational closed up shop.

Why is it called BioShock Parkside you may ask? Well it’s thought Parkside is a reference to Andrew Ryan’s building, which was next to NY’s Central Park in the BioShock novel. Which means we may see Andrew Ryan turn up in the newest game. Or it’s (more likely) just a code-name , who can say?

We’ve all been trawling the Reddit and Steam boards for theories on what it’ll be and more importantly where it’ll be set. Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing more of Columbia. Maybe use some of the cut assets and ideas from BioShock Infinite that we saw in early gameplay trailers. But honestly I’ll take anything at this point.


Resident Evil 8 OR a Remake of Resident Evil 3 (maybe both?!)


After the cracker success of RE7 and the RE2 Remake there’s no way Capcom is going to take a step back from their recently revitalised cash cow. E3 2019 is prime time to show off whatever they next have in store. Their audience are more engaged than they’ve been in years and primed for more Resident Evil games.


Likely the two new Resident Evils will be developed in tandem with each other with RE8 hitting the shelves before the R3make. Though RE3 is a short game and the developers could reuse many assets from RE2 Remake so it could be either. I just want more delicious B-Movie horror goodness.




Playdeads Astronaut Project


They’ve been releasing cryptic breadcrumbs on this game since 2017 and the time to strike is now. Considering how long Limbo and Inside were in development, and the growth of their staff and funding, this project must be nearing the finish line. Inside began development in 2010, was announced at E3 in 2014, had a playable demo out for August 2015 and was released in 2016. This new sci-fi game has been in development since the release of Inside in 2016 and was hinted at in January of 2017. They’ve announced at E3 before and I’m calling it, this year we’ll see something from them.


As for what the game holds, it looks similar in tone to their previous works. Arnt Jensen said in an interview that “the next game [is] a fairly lonely sci-fi game somewhere in the universe.” The concept art released thus far is stunning and since they’ve never let us down before, this is one to keep an eye on.


WB Montreal’s Court of Owls Game


This rumour started almost directly after Arkham Knights release and has never fully been quashed – which has got to mean there’s some truth to it. I adore the Rocksteady Arkham-verse but since they’re done with it, let WB Montreal have a whirl. Just please say Damian Wayne is not the main playable character. He is my least favourite of the Robins by far. Dick Grayson and Jason Todd are the top two choices for playable character (right behind Brucie of course but that can’t happen). Tim Drake too would be an acceptable alternative. So what I’m saying is if anyone wants an article ranking my favourite Robins, I’ll have a 1000+ words ready for them by the end of the day – just say the word.

Check out the tweet from the production coordinator at WB Games below which is undoubtedly a Court of Owls tease.

Still not convinced? Check out this tweet from the creative director at WB Games. They aren’t even trying to hide it anymore.

There will definitely be some DC news at E3 2019 considering the love for Spider-Man on the PS, a game which copied and pasted quite a few things from the Arkham series. Plus Rocksteady are working on a DC (probably Superman) game right now too.


Assassin’s Creed Vikings


Ubisoft looked at the massive success of Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice and God of War (2018) and that was all the encouragement they needed to set the next Assassins Creed in the Viking era. There are even allusions to Norse myths in What Remains of Edith Finch which you can read about in this magnificent article. Clearly Norse myth is becoming a gaming trend again.

Even looking at the response to the Thor Ragnarök movie you can see that Nordic settings are well and truly in. As is the director of the film Taika Waititi, New Zealand’s darling and all-round class act.  If you’re not familiar with his work than you better get watching because he’s a gem of a director. The AC game was even rumoured to be called Assassin’s Creed Ragnarök but they seem to have moved away from that, which is probably wise.




BONUS – Would also love a check in with Ninja Theory. I doubt they have anything to show since being bought by Microsoft but just want to know they’re doing well.

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