Crescent City Monsters Review

Crescent City Monsters Review

Crescent City Monsters is a refreshing take on ‘superpowers’ in a world over-saturated by superheroes. Don’t get me wrong I love DC & Marvel as much as the next guy but there’s a reason Netflix’s Umbrella Academy did so well – it felt like a breath of fresh air among all the extended universes we’ve become so invested in. In CCM Jonas, our lead , doesn’t have typical powers per se instead his are rooted in magic and Haitian Vodou.

Munin is another important character in the comic, as he acts as a trusted companion. He’s a raven that can transform into a warrior. You might recognise the name as originating in Norse mythology. Munin and Huginn were a pair of ravens that flew all over the world and reported what they saw to Odin. If you played the newest instalment of the God of War series than you might remember mystical green ravens spying on your every move – a reference to Munin and Huginn.

Now without going too far into spoiler territory – the basic premise is a young musician with troublesome powers has a bounty put on his head and as a result the supernatural world is on his trail. Gian Carlo Bernal’s art style alone makes this comic a worthwhile read, but the storyline by Newton Lilavois compliments it so well that already I can’t wait for chapter 2. Follow their Instagram account here to stay up to date with its release – the teasers for upcoming issues are plentiful and much appreciated. Also if you do decide to buy the comic know that all the profits go to the creators and you’re supporting the indie comic scene through your purchase.


In case you’re still not sold, just know that David Lynch would approve of this graphic novel. It’s got a foreboding owl, 60’s fashion and an edgy blues band. What’s not to love? The feel of the characters and the setting brings to mind True Blood. Haitian folklore was clearly a big influence which is great as it’s so underrepresented in much of pop culture and like the much used Greek, Norse and Roman myths, it deserves its time in the spotlight.


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Crescent City Monsters: Issue #1

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