Artist Focus – Kim Hu

Artist Focus – Kim Hu


Short introduction of yourself.

Hi. I’m Kim, an illustrator and concept artist. I love the colour neon pink and I have a fondness for skeletons and overly sweet soda pops.


Where are you from?

I live in Hamburg, a harbour city in northern Germany.


Who are your inspirations? (artistically or otherwise)

I get inspired by a lot of things. As my main inspiration, there are comic books, monster movies and video games of course, and I am a huge fan of the classic japanese ukiyo-e art. But I also enjoy looking at mundane everyday items like the designs of candy wrappers or pizza boxes.

Being in huge cities always recharges my creative energy – I just love the buzzing atmosphere, all the people and neon lights.

As far as Artists go, I am a huge fan of the works of Jamie Hewlett, Q. Hayashida, Katsushika Hokusai, Utagawa Hiroshige and Moebius.



Favourite thing to draw?

Trash. No really! I very much enjoy drawing clutter and scattered objects.



When and how did you know you wanted to be an artist?

It’s probably the most boring answer, but I have always enjoyed drawing. Since my parents were supportive of the idea right from my early youth, there never was a time where I wanted to become something else, really.


Favourite medium to work with?

I enjoy working on digital art the most.


How has your style changed over the years?

Like many others I started out with a style that was influenced by Manga and Anime. However, during my time in art school I explored other artistic approaches and dabbled in many different styles. After graduating I have now developed a style more inspired by western comic books and the ‘Ligne Claire’ style in particular.



What advice would you give young artists starting out?

Just draw a lot and draw what you want! Enjoy yourself and have fun while drawing, but also try to gradually up the challenge for yourself and slowly incorporate more things you are scared of drawing into your art.


Favourite video game? 

Stylistically I am a huge fan of the Hotline Miami games and LET IT DIE. I also enjoy games in post-apocalyptic or dystopian settings a lot; like the Fallout or Bioshock series.


Most anticipated game? 

Right now, probably the Outer Worlds by Obsidian Entertainment.


Follow Kim on Instagram here and enjoy all her gorgeous dystopian art!

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